Hibachi Grill Round Ceramic Japanese Mini Charcoal Grill Tabletop BBQ

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Hibachi Rounda Grill is a traditional Japanese table grill. "Beefing up the people" is the motto of the Japanese. Bringing people together, filling the table with good food and grilling. Grilling on a Shichirin is not just barbecuing. This is a whole different discipline. More refined, more elegant and smaller. You prepare dishes with great precision on this round Shichirin.

Applicable people4-6
Width: 34.5 cm
Depth: 17 cm
Height: 16.5 cm
Weight: 10.6KG

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The special thing about grilling with the Shichirin is the cozy sitting around the fire. Similar to gourmet food, the delicious food is presented to the table in small portions. In vain you will look for the grill master who is in charge. When using a Shichirin, friends, and family sit around the grill and everyone prepares their own food to their liking. A Shichirin is a compact and versatile Japanese BBQ that you can easily take or move at any time. With this grill, we can enjoy and create coziness on and around the dining table.

Now grilling on a Shichirin is not just BBQ. This is a whole different discipline. More refined, more elegant, and smaller. No half pigs or whole chickens here, but small refined dishes that require more precision. First, you need the charcoal Binchotan, which burns longer at a more intense temperature and is more neutral than ordinary charcoal. This is grilling with the precision of a Swiss watch!

The Japanese table grill culture means bringing friends and family together for a special meal. On a sultry summer evening, the dining table is richly filled with fresh delicacies, perhaps with a good bottle of wine or a cool beer. Enjoy an evening program for young and old in a unique and relaxed setting. With the Shichirin you go on a culinary journey with your friends or family again and again.

Tweezers are used when grilling on the Shichirin. These have a centuries-old tradition. You choose 1 grill master at the table, he will work with the straight tweezers (only raw meat may be picked up with this). All other people at the table are given curved tweezers with which they can remove the grilled meat from the Shichirin. This is to prevent cross-contamination!

In the past, most Japanese BBQs were made from river clay. Today, the composition is a bit more complex. A Shichirin has to be more and more a powerhouse these days and is made of ceramic, quartz, and cordierite. This composition is baked at a very high temperature and then becomes a complete kitchen-in-one and virtually indestructible. The grill has a glazed layer for easy maintenance. By adjusting the ventilation slides you create perfect air circulation. The Japanese BBQ is also perfect for winter use because the glazed ceramic also protects against rain and snow and is therefore weatherproof. Please note, it is open at the top so for use in times of rain and winter it is wise to use it under a roof in the garden.

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