Unless you have some specific use in mind which would require a specific size, for use the standard advice is this: Buy the largest size you feel you can afford. Even if “it’s only the two of us”, get the largest size you think you can afford. Every time this question pops up on online forums, there are a number of posts from folks who bought a smaller cooker and now wish they had bought a larger size. Make no mistake, the smaller cookers can cook anything that the larger cookers can and there are plenty of happy owners who only have one of the smaller cookers. But the larger sizes give you the greatest flexibility unless you have some specific purpose in mind, like taking a cooker on camping trips. Here are some examples of when you might want a large cooker, even though “it’s only the two of us”:

  • Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner. Maybe you will be cooking a large turkey for family? Even if dinner is at their house, you might be asked to bring the bird once they find out what you can do on a ceramic cooker.
  • Party, party, party! Will you ever have a cookout and want to cook for a large number of people?
  • Cooking burgers or chicken parts? If you need grid space, the largest cooker will give you the most space obviously.
  • Will you ever cook a meal for a homeless shelter? Don’t laugh. We did. 32 pounds of pork butt to feed 37 women in a shelter.
  • Will you ever want to cook a large amount of food to freeze for later?
  • Will you ever get bit by the paella bug and want to have room for a large pan?

If you buy a large Auplex Kamado and subsequently decide to buy a second cooker, the perfect companion to the large Egg is the small Egg. It is just small enough that you could transport it somewhere without too much difficulty. It is the perfect size for smaller cooks now that “it’s only the two us.” It is also the perfect size to do vegetables or other side dishes if you have a big piece of meat going in the large cooker. You may find similar pairings available in other brands of ceramic cookers.

Also, some folks who are really looking for a small and portable cooker ask the question, “Which should I buy, a small Egg or a mini Egg?” Here is Kamado regular “Nature Boy” has to say on that specific choice:

The mini is cool. Very cool. You can sear the pants off anything. And you can pick it up and run with it. Well, not until it’s cooled down :-)
Anyways, the small is of another world. Surprisingly long burn on a load of charcoal, and it don’t sear too bad itself. Plus you can put a dutch oven on it, or set it up indirect and roll a rack of ribs. You can hang a small drip pan on the fire ring, and set up 2 tiers for doing chicken or whatever. It’s really a lot like your large, only smaller.

If you want something to run around with, and throw in the trunk on a whim, and you want to put a mean 45 second sear on an elk steak….then get the mini. If you want a versatile cooker to compliment your large, get the small.

Post time: Jan-31-2023