Probably far more than you would imagine. Here, in no particular order, is a list that is probably not exhaustive.


  • Gelled alcohol starter such as that sold by Sterno.
  • 90% or above isopropyl alcohol and a paper towel.
  • Vegetable oil and a paper towel.
  • Vegetable oil and newspaper.
  • Newspaper.
  • Weber starter cubes.
  • Royal Oak Tumbleweed starters.
  • Jealous Devil BOOM! Firestarters
  • Rutland Fire Starter Squares.
  • Parafin firestarter pouches.
  • Looftlighter or paint stripper heat guns.
  • MAP/Pro gas with a torch.
  • Propane gas with a torch.
  • Propane weed burner.
  • Electric starter.
  • Chimney starter.
  • Fatwood, aka, lighter wood.
  • Kingsford lighter fluid.

We will point out that fatwood/lighterwood and Kingsford (and any other brand) lighter fluid are not recommended by any manufacturer of ceramic grills since the resin from the fatwood and the fumes of the lighter fluid can permeate the ceramic and produce off-odors for a considerable time.


Post time: Mar-02-2023