Nowadays quite a lot of brands commercialize kamados all around the globe, but its fortune is yet uneven depending on the country, and so, in places such as the USA, Canada or north European nations such as Holland or Germany, its success is huge and they are easy to find either at particular homes and professional kitchens. Meanwhile, in other countries such as the south European ones, we are yet starting to get to know kamados. In addition, its cost is generally high in order to match its quality, especially if we compare it to simple garden barbecues that don’t provide the possibilities a kamado does, which gives them a hint of exclusivity and restricts its usage to certain purchase power customers, high level restaurants, prestigious chefs or true kitchen enthusiasts that value its features and are willing to make a small economic effort in order to purchase one. Nevertheless, the tendency is starting to change thanks to the spread of its virtues over the internet and a slight cheapening due high brand competition.

Post time: Apr-30-2022