Auplex Kamado

Kamado ceramic ovens, when properly maintained, can provide you with a lifetime of delicious meals.  Just like regular grills, ceramic grills need maintenance and should be deeply cleaned at least twice a year depending on their use.  

What do you need to clean the kamado oven  

A used, dirty grill  

Charcoal with a plastic brush  

Vacuum or shovel to remove ash 

Auplex Kamado


Steps for deep cleaning the grill  

The great thing about ceramic ovens like the Auplex Kamado grill is that they really are like a self-cleaning oven, and all you really need to do is heat it up, let it sit, and then brush it again.  Not only will this help remove any burned items, but it will also sterilize the grill.  

Here are the detailed cleaning steps:  

1. Build a fire at the bottom of the grill  

2. Place the heat guide rack with the heat deflector plate on it.  Add a grill or other cooking grate  

3. Close the lid and adjust it to 650º F or 700° F  

4. Heat for 30 minutes to an hour  

Step 5 Open vents and cool completely (overnight is best)  

6. Remove accessories, grill and heat guide rack  

7. Remove charcoal  

8. Carefully remove the fire ring and brazier  

9..  Remove any remaining ash  

10. Brush everything with a bristle brush: the inside of the oven, the ceramic oven components, the furnace body, etc  

11. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove ash and remove it with a spoon or damp cloth  

12. Reassemble the ceramic and place the heat guide rack  

13. Spray the oven with cooking spray  

A clean, shiny grill is ready for another season of delicious cooking.  This should be done at least twice a year, depending on how often you use the Auplex Kamado ceramic oven.  I also recommend that you check the straps on the grill when deep cleaning.  Now, step back, admire the clean grill, and wait for more grilling and fumigating! 

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Post time: Nov-24-2022