AUPLEX 21 inch XL Classic Ceramic Big Size Joe Green Egg Shaped Charcoal Bbq Grill Kamado

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Get the best in charcoal cooking with our new range of Auplex Egg Kamado grills. Kamado cookers are extremely versatile. Not only can they be used for grilling or smoking but also pizzas, bread, pies and cookies can be baked effortlessly inside them. Due to their excellent heat retention properties, high temperatures can be achieved and maintained by precise control of airflow via the top and bottom vents. High temperatures are ideal for fast cooking burgers and sausages whilst low heats will cook larger joints over a longer period of time. Why not try adding some wood chips to the charcoal or try combining different flavour wood chips to make your meats even more flavoursome. Auplex Egg Kamado is a bbq, a grill, a smoker, and an oven, all rolled in to one.

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    Why Auplex?

    China leading ceramic kamado grills manufacturer with 18years exporting experience.

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    Product Description

    The 21inch kamado joe charcoal grill can be used to grill, smoke and even bake your favorite dishes year-round.

    The interior layer retains the heat inside the Kamado and is absorbed and refracted within the firebox located on the bottom of the smoker. Perfect for slow and cool smoking, it doesn’t require constant fire tending, unlike traditional smokers.

    The ceramic kamado cooks food thoroughly without drying it out, leaving it moist with full, smoky flavor.

    The 21inch Kamado joe ceramic grill allows you to build a complete personalized entertainment center outdoors.

    Due to its heat efficiency, one load of coal can last for many hours and gives you the flexibility to sear, grill or smoke meats and vegetables, as well as bake pizzas and bread too.







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    Kamado Feature

    kamado origin

    Our name comes from an ancient style of cooking that began over 3,000 years ago.The name “Kamado” is the Japanese word for “stove” and literally,it means “place for the cauldron”. It’s a simple yet highly efficient and flexible method of cooking any food – perfectly. The Auplex Kamado BBQ brings together these age old cooking techniques and blends them with today’s technology. The amazing heat retention properties of ceramics enables temperatures up to 399 Celsius meaning the Auplex Kamado can be used for cooking meats, smoking fish and even baking! Once you try the Ceramic grill Kamado for yourself, you’ll be amazed by its versatility and before long it will become the envy of your friends!24 black by the lake 2


    Why Kamado Grill?

    1.Ceramic Construction: Thick ceramic construction creates a convection heat environment for even cooking and reduces charcoal usage.

    2.Egg Shape: A tight seal which may air flkes the KAMADO GRILLS highly efficient. Besides,it also can retains the moisture of the food.  3.Wide Temperature Range: Easily sustains temperatures from 50 to over 800 degrees internally, allowing food warming, smoking and searing.

    4.Safety: Thick ceramic wall construction reduces heat transfer and eliminates risk of burns from exterior.

    5.Build To Last a Lifetime: Various bbq grills give Quality assurance, but none but Kamado can give you a 20-year guarantee.


    How to use?

    1. Open all vents.

    2. Place recommended number of lump charcoal into the fire box and light starter. Allow 10-15 minutes for charcoal to light.

    3. Put cooking grid on the top of the fire ring. Close lid and adjust top vent and draft to allow grill to reach the desired cooking temperature.

    4. About 10-20 minutes later, put food on the cooking grid, take care of the inside temperature of the grill, and make some adjustment according to the thermometer.

    5. Few minutes later, the food willbe well cooked.


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    Packaging & Shipping


    Package details of AU-21 Kamado BBQ Grill
    Carton Package (L*W*H)
    CTN A:65*63*77CM,  CTN B:55*51*15CM   2carton as a set
    Delivery Time
    1-2 weeks for sample, 5-6 weeks for container
    Wooden Package(L*W*H)
    Delivery Ways
    By sea, air and express
    Loading Qty
    54pcs/20”ft; 108pcs/40”ft; 162pcs/40”HQ


    Company Information

                                                Fujian Auplex Grill Co.,Ltd

    Fujian Auplex Group was founded in 2009. Fujian Auplex Grill Co.,Ltd. is one subsidiary of the Group.We are the Top1 Kamado manufacturer in China. We have many years of grill export experience. After a dozen years, we have already formed a complete system on the Table BBQ Grill. Rely on the professional technology and excellent service, we gain popularity among a large amount of customers.

    quality control

    Why is so confident in our product?

     – Our Products need to go through three check points to test the quality before we delivery the goods to our clients.

    1. After the BBQ shell was built up, our QC will inspect if the finish is good enough and also the small crack ones will be took out;

    2. Once the heating is finished, we will sprinkling cold water on the ceramic part under 800 degree, if it crack under it, it is unqualified products;

    3. Before package, we try to install the whole kamado Grills to check if there is any assembly problem for customers to avoid assembly problems when you received.

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    Our Services

    A. Professional and constructive suggestion for you!

    1. OEM/ODM Service.

        Our professional R&D dept. can develop different products for different target prices and different requirements.

    2. Direct factory, Competitive price

        We are manufacturer. Factory price, various products we can source for you.

    3. Quality control

        We have a strict quality control system, Professional QC team.

    4. Custom packaging service

        We can design as your request whatever the ineer packing or the outer carton.

    B. Warranty

    1. one year for the kamado Mobile Grill main body. 

    2. half year for the Kamado Mobile Grill accessories.

    3. Technic Assurance accompanies you forever.


    1. Why choose our ceramic kamado bbq grill?

    1) The most professional ceramic kamado bbq grill manufacturer.

    2) Highest quality ceramic kamado bbq grills with EN1860, LFGB certificates.

    3) Fast delivery time capacity.

    4) Best before and after sales service.


    2. Can you do the package for my own design?

    A: Sure, it does. We will calculate the exact package data and the price base on your design. We can do other package to your reference.


    3. What is your sample policy?

    A: We can supply the sample for your test the quality, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the shipping cost.


    4. How many kinds of ceramic kamado bbq grills do you have?    

    A: 13″/ 14”/ 15”/ 16″/18″/ 21″/ 22”/ 23″/24″ /26″ /27″ 


    5. Do you have after-sales services?

    A: Of course we have consummate after-sale service and a life-long technic consultant. Feel free to contact us if you have any of question.


    6. It seems like there are many cracks outside of my kamado.Why? Is it a normal appearance?

    A: What you called “cracks outside ” is not the real cracks on the surface actually.It is a common phenomenon, or called”nature result” of the very high temperature we used to fire our ceramics, this is unavoidable. Those “cracks” will not deflect your use at all. All you need to do is enjoy the happniess the Table Top Kamado brings to you.

    Contact us


    AUPLEX LIMITED Add: 2#building,No.318 Bailong Industry Park,Minhou,FUZHOU,FUJIAN,CHINA

    Phone: +86 591 88079499-820 | Mobile: +86 15705906005

    Wechat|Skype|Whatsapp: +86 15705906005

    E-mail: kayla @ 


                                              7*24H are Welcome to Contact Us!


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